16 November 2008

Preventing spread of breast cancer

We may soon see drugs that can help prevent the spread of breast cancer. Last year in April it was found that breast cancers produce an overabundance of the protein Akt, which plays a key role in metastasis.(1)

Akt's role was tested by researchers who bred mice with a missing gene for Akt.(1) Mice with no copies of the gene for Akt rarely developed tumors, those with only one copy of the gene for Akt developed some tumors, while mice with two copies of the gene developed cancer rapidly.1

The research could potentially lead to drugs that target this protein in humans.(1)


1. Thomas Jefferson University (2007, April 11). Scientists Identify Protein Key To Breast Cancer Spread, Potential New Drug Target. ScienceDaily. Retrieved November 16, 2008, from http://www.sciencedaily.com­ /releases/2007/04/070409181641.htm

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