24 January 2009

Trust a biochemist

At the molecular level of life matters may be small and energy gains and losses seemingly insignificant, but a broad understanding of biochemistry leads to profound, larger conclusions of cell biology and the energy of which is ultimately the existence of life. Just as the smallest ingredient such as a dash of salt can change the flavor of a recipe, the cell can be affected by the slightest difference that ultimately means life or death.

Biochemical knowledge, in short, is fundamental for comprehending cells. And because cell biology is fundamental to all biological sciences, lack of biochemistry training severely limits the would-be biologist, medical practitioner, and health practitioner. 

So be sure to ask your doctor, nutritionist and nutrition science writer, "How's your biochemistry?" If they can adequately explain the difference between activation energy and change in free energy (see last post), then they pass the test. If they roll their eyes at you, be cautious.

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