15 June 2009

My Glycemic Load for the Day

My goal is to keep my glycemic load (GL) under 100 daily so let's see how I did today (all data from NutritionData.com):

Highest GL foods

2tbsp Honey (in my oatmeal) GL=20
1 Starbucks Caramel Mocha Frappuccino® Light Blended Creme GL=16
1 Plain Bagel GL=17
1 cup White Rice (with sushi) GL=18
1 packet Instant Oatmeal GL=10

Lowest GL foods

2 tbsp Sugar (with my green tea) GL=6
1 large Peach GL=5
1 Watermelon wedge GL=6
1 oz Blueberries GL=1
1 oz Raspberries GL=1

From the looks of it I scored exactly 100 today. Hooray! I could've done better. I didn't realize honey would add so much. Had I only used blueberries and raspberries in my oatmeal, then it would have dropped to 80. Yes, I realize I could've also gone without the Frapuccino, but it looked so good this morning.

One way that I often use to help lower the glycemic response of high-GL foods is by having them with a complete meal that includes protein, fiber and "good" fats. When it comes to those high-GL beverages I try to include a flavorless soluble fiber supplement such as psyllium hulls or digestion-resistant maltodextrin.

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