15 March 2010

What's the most dangerous item on a fast food menu?

When I first saw the movie Super Size MeI was first pretty shocked that someone would actually risk his own body this way. Then, I was shocked at how quickly this guy was able to gain weight. This may simply be because I don't tend to gain any weight even after stuffing myself day after day. Of course, I've never tried to stuff myself with McDonald's day after day. Maybe that would do it. It did for this guy. And it does for our children. Sure opened my eyes.

What's the most dangerous item on the fast food menu?

I remember a time when I was younger I would go off with my grandpa to Burger King. He'd say, "Let's get you a Whopper. They're only a buck." I'd gush with enthusiasm. He'd buy me one. He'd buy himself too.

My grandpa died of heart disease. I blame it on those Whoppers. I blame them because they're cheap and because the name itself, like the Big Mac, suggest that you're getting a lot of meat for your money. What you're really getting is a gimmick and a lot of saturated and trans fat. I have no doubt that Burger King Whoppers (they ate them all the time) are what killed both my grandfather and my grandmother.

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