03 October 2010

Last lecture at Autism and Nutrition Wkshop

Renee Simon is going to "tie it all together" by sharing some case studies at the Autism and Nutrition workshop here in Bridgeport.

First case, is A

She starts with
-eliminating sweets, preservatives
-adds protein
- healing gut with 4R principle (remove reactive foods and yeast, reintroduce good microflora, replace processed foods with nutrient-dense foods, repair lining with glutamine, DGL, etc)

-building immune system with vit C, herbs
-detox support?
-metabolic rebalancing? this entails B complex, zinc, Ca/Mg, selenium
-testing for food sensitivity, stool, organic

After three years, she started kindergarten with "huge progress" when docs provided no solutions.

Second case, B is a 6-year-old boy diagnosed at 3 with eczema, ADD, ear infection

-put on balanced macronutrient, higher protein, healthy fats, GFCF diet
-tests of stool, hair, food sensitivity revealed harmful bacteria, high pH, high histamine, low zinc, low calcium, poor immunological function, low protein

1 kill bacteria and aid digestion
2 build immune system
3 gut seal (with carnosine and amino acids
4 detox support (vit C, garlic, selenium, milk thistle)

Lots of progress after two years.

More of the same kind of thing with another case report.

"All of these don't work 100 percent of the time, but every once in a while you see miracles happen," says Simon.


I think the last quote summed it up. Great stories, but it doesn't do much for proving nutritional therapies help autistic kids. I would've liked to see more actual scientific research at this workshop.

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