08 February 2009

Another protein that could be targeted for breast cancer

Soon we may see a new way to treat breast cancer. Cyclophilin B is a protein that was just uncovered by Northwestern University researchers and was found to have an increased presence in metastases (1). The protein could be a target of drugs in the future (2).


1. Fang F, Flegler AJ, Du P, Lin S, Clevenger CV. Expression of cyclophilin B is associated with malignant progression and regulation of genes implicated in the pathogenesis of breast cancer. Am J Pathol 2009;174:297-308.

2. American Journal of Pathology (2009, January 12). Possible New Target For Treating Breast Cancer. ScienceDaily. Retrieved February 8, 2009, from http://www.sciencedaily.com­ /releases/2008/12/081230075154.htm

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