08 February 2009

Hocus pocus cancer healing?

A review published in 2000 of four spontaneous cancer healing reports offered that the most likely event that occurred was immune modulation (1). Although mention was made of other factors such as "genetic therapy, withdrawal of carcinogens, infection, fever and vaccine roles, apoptosis, antibody, antiangiogenesis and maturation mechanisms, withdrawal of therapy, natural killer activity, endocrine, hormonal, and pregnancy factors, and prayers or psychoneuro-religious participation" (1).

Mind-body therapy has gained some interest as of late. At least a few doctors are discussing the idea that emotional and psychological support are harmless and may support treatment (2).


1. Chang WY. Complete spontaneous regression of cancer: four case reports, review of literature, and discussion of possible mechanisms involved. Hawaii Med J 2000;59:379-87.
2. Barasch MI. Remarkable recoveries: research and practice from a patient's perspective. Hematol Oncol Clin North Am 2008;22:755-66, x.

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