23 August 2009

Armour Thyroid vs Synthroid

Armour thyroid is the "natural" therapy from dessicated porcine thyroid gland while Synthroid is produced synthetically as levothyroxine. Armour thyroid contains both T3 and T4 while Synthroid only contains T4. There is debate on whether or not use of both or one is better. Synthroid came into use because it was standardized unlike the natural kind, which varied a lot from batch to batch. But it turns out that patients often don't like T4 alone as much as the natural T3/T4. A new synthetic T3/T4 is now on the market as Liotrix, but is expensive.




Unknown said...

It is necessary to keep a distance of at least four hours between thyroid medication and taking calcium supplements, antacids, iron supplements, and cholestyramine, as they are to influence its absorption.

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Dolly Jackson said...

I experienced massive hair loss because of my hypothyroidism. I have been though a lot of medications but none was so effective as thyroid supplements .