08 August 2009

Calcium with or without vitamin D

Criteria for recommending calcium to a patient should not go without considering a patient’s vitamin D status. Vitamin D status is critical for improving intestinal absorption, for maintaining calcium homeostasis, for promoting reabsorption of calcium in the kidney and is involved in bone mineralization (1;2).

Calcium supplementation along with vitamin D has been subject of at least two randomized controlled trials in Australia. The first performed on 300 elderly women (77+/- 4.6 years) found no short-term benefit as to improving absorption or promoting bone health (3). But another, longer randomized controlled trial evaluated the effects of calcium with or without vitamin D over five years (4). The researchers studied hip bone mineral density and bone turnover in elderly women (ages 70-80) in a sunny climate (4).

Thus, while short-term benefits weren’t found, long-term benefits were, which where likely produced by reduced bone turnover rate over time (3;4). In response to the studies and other research, the Australian and New Zealand Bone and Mineral Society and Osteporosis Australia issued a joint statement explaining that while calcium intake above previously established recommended levels wasn’t likely to help prevent fractures in elderly men and women, the addition of vitamin D in supplements was supported by the evidence (5).

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