16 April 2010

Thoughts on High Fructose Corn Syrup

There are some really wacked people on the Internet who try to blame the whole obesity epidemic on HFCS, fructose or agave and are misguiding everyone. I liken it to the same misguidance that occurred in 1980s when everyone was scared of fat.

You shouldn't just cut out HCFS and replace it regular sugar or another caloric sweetener. It's really overeating, the overabundance of calories much of it from sugar, that in general contributes to this obesity problem.

What our real problem is is that our brains are wired for fats, carbs and salt that has led us into this obesity crisis now. As a whole, our species needed this wiring to seek out nutritious foods that helped us survive.

But in this modern world of aplenty, the answer to our obesity problem is to control our brains (or trick them with artificial stuff) and use simple discipline, portion control and balanced, nutritious meals.

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